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We have heard three major concerns from our readers about the upcoming release of More Customers Made Easy. This update will address the #1 concern…

CONCERN: More Customers Made Easy will be full of fluff, causing you to be overloaded with information, but not giving you the information in an easy-to-apply sequence so you can apply it withing your busy schedule.

BACKGROUND: A month or so ago, I let it slip to my readers that we were getting ready to release a course revealing easy to apply strategies to get new customers.

That little message sent out a firestorm of comments from our readers. And the biggest concern didn’t really surprise me. My readers told me that they were worried the course would be like many of the marketing courses they have studied before: too much to read, not enough ‘meat and potatoes’ and no examples they could immediately implement in their business.

And to be honest, that is one of the reasons why I created this course in the first place… everyone seems to be overloaded with too much information these days… we’re busier than ever – and what’s really required is easy-to-apply information you can implement quickly (without becoming a professional copywriter) and start generating results.

That’s why I didn’t create a big bulky course. It’s the reason why I’ve invested so much time and thought into putting it together. And it’s also the reason why I’m going to limit the number of initial subscribers to 570 people.

That’s right. I believe this course is so revolutionary and so valuable that I am only going to be releasing this information to 570 of my subscribers in the first instance. In addition, I will only be opening the doors for just over a week.

Once those 570 are gone or once the week is up, no other subscribers will be accepted into the program.

At that point we will take a break of 4 weeks or longer to get some testimonials from new subscribers. I will be keeping an eye on the results my clients are getting.

What I personally believe (and hope) is that within the first month or two we will create a swag of new client testimonials which will allow me to sell this program at the premium price I believe it’s worth.

And of course, I may end up packaging it into one of those $2,000.00 courses and selling it off the stage. I am still undecided on this.

However if I do open More Customers Made Easy back up for sale, I will be raising the price dramatically – eventually to $97 a month.

Initial subscribers will be limited to 570 OR two weeks from when I begin selling the program. In addition, I am not doing ANY outside promotion. The only people who will know about this program are those on my internal mailing list.

Keep an eye on my emails and blog for more details. My anticipated release date is Thursday 28th August.

The best way to stay informed about the release of More Customers Made Easy is by joining my announcement list… see the details immediately below…

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Scott Bywater

P.S. Please feel free to leave your comments in the box below. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what’s important to you when it comes to learning how to get more customers.

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