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Tips for creating more effective newspaper advertising.

Effective Newspaper advertising

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Let me ask you a very important question about Newspaper Advertising

One of the most common ways to advertise in many countries  is newspaper advertising. Running an ad in the newspaper maybe one of the oldest advertising techniques. However, a lot of business still prefer it over other advertising mediums.

Newspaper advertising is often cheaper than other advertising mediums such as broadcast advertising, which may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And because of this, it remains as one of the top choices of businessmen.

Yes, a lot of people prefer reading articles on the web. But there are still thousands, if not millions of people, who still prefer reading magazines and newspapers.

Effective newspaper advertising usually provides advantages of greater market share in many locations. The industry uses specific advertising techniques to appeal to their target audience.

Why do people buy a newspaper or magazine? To read the articles, right? Well then, doesn’t it make sense that if you want your ad to get read, then…


And, make it camouflage in with the newspaper’s articles as closely as possible.

So how do you do that?

  1. Read the headlines of the publication you are considering advertising in.
  2. Model your style on the way they write their articles.
  3. Use the same typeface the newspaper or magazine uses.
  4. Do understand that the use of certain words are power words which produce results

So, why do you think this would work better than something which looks like an ad?


Advertorials work so well because of the way people disbelieve ads… but tend to believe what journalists communicate within their articles.

Try it next time… and test it out for yourself.

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