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As a kid, I remember going on holidays and hanging out with my parents, uncles, etc. and hearing all this stuff about rising petrol prices.

Apparently, they had risen to 49c a litre.

Now they are obviously far more than that, but I always look back at that conversation & think…


Of course, we are all guilty of it.

We all complain… bitch… whinge… gossip…

When we know we should be engaging in positive talk.

It seems that it’s just so magnetic to do so.

Even though it’s not only pointless, it actually causes our subconscious mind to work against us.

Today you hear people complaining about the cost of living… petrol prices… etc.

But why participate?

You can choose not to.

You can choose to talk about how tough things are in your industry.

Or you can choose to engage in positive talk, just get busy…

And start taking action.

You can start by getting your hands on this.

Remember, where you focus your attention…

Is where you’ll get results.

Focus on not having enough, and that will continue…

Focus on getting more customers, and you’ll attract that.

So go and check out this link now and make the decision to focus on positive talk going forward.

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