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This is going to be a kind of counter-intuitive email.


Because I’m about to explain how one of the most important factors in our success, lies in our ability to prepare to fail.

What do I mean by that?

It’s really quite simple.

Even the most successful ads and sales letters fail the majority of the time. In fact, I can send out a sales letter with a 99% failure rate…

That can make me a heck of a lot of money.

And some of the best salespeople in the world fail to close far more than they actually do. And they succeed because they expect to fail.

You see, if they expected to succeed…

They would say: 99% of people said no.

This is stupid.

And throw in the towel.

I’ve seen plenty of business owners do that.

They have unrealistic expectations for their ads and sales letters.

And when most people say no, they throw it in.

Or they run one ad which doesn’t work – and rather than expecting to fail – and continuing on… they throw the baby out with the bathwater because…


Of course, advertising doesn’t work.

By nature, with sales and advertising – more people will say no than will say yes.

But even when it doesn’t work…

If you can just get your ads to fail 1% less…

You can enjoy massive profits.

This manual won’t help your ads succeed.

But it will help them fail less and make a profit.

Particularly if you fill out the almost magical sheet on page 25 every time you run an advertisement or marketing campaign…

Because that sheet will tell you the most important fact…

Whether your ad made you money.

And that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

Percentages don’t matter.

I can get an 0.0001% and still make a fortune if I am selling boeing aeroplanes at $20 million a pop.

And I can get 10% and make a loss, selling cans of soft drink at $1 a pop.

The only thing that matter is whether that ad of yours made a profit.

And if it did, you should run it over and over and over again.

But unless you use the sheet on page 25 of my advertising manual

You’ll never know.

So make the decision today to prepare to fail… because it’s the fastest path to success.

For success stories of people who have achieved exceptional success by preparing to fail, click here.

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