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I love Richard Branson – and I’m reading his biography at the moment where he’s talking about his early life.

Within the book, Losing My Virginity, he tells a story about how he ended up in jail after exporting records illegally and getting caught early on in his career. (at which point he decided he would never do anything illegal again).

Anyway, he was put in a position where he had to pay back a heck of a lot of money in a very short period of time… or he would end up having to serve time.

And that gave him the motivation to really get his business moving in his early life.

I mean, wouldn’t it do the same to you?

Imagine someone said to you:

“Unless you  can double your income by this time in twelve months – you’re going to have to serve two years in gaol”

Would you take more risks?

Would you work harder?

Would you work smarter?

And would you do everything you could to learn more such as mastering these internet secrets and these strategies for getting more customers.

Thankfully, most of us are not in that position.

But it’s an interesting question isn’t it?

What if earning more went from a “would like to” to “a MUST”

You would probably earn more – that’s what would happen.

So use this lesson from Richard Branson’s early life to help yourself make that shift in your head today 😉

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Let me ask you a question…

If Bill Gates lost everything tomorrow, do you think it would take him long to become a millionaire again? How about Richard Branson? Michael Dell? Or Jeff Bezos?

Heck, Donald Trump did lose millions and in his book, Trump: The Art of the Comeback, he described the depth of his poverty in 1990 (p.11):

“One day, while walking down Fifth Avenue, hand in hand with Marla, I pointed across the street to a man holding a cup and with a Seeing Eye dog. I asked, “Do you know who that is?”

Marla said to me: “Yes, Donald. He’s a beggar. Isn’t it too bad? He looks so sad!”

I said, “You’re right. He’s a beggar, but he’s worth about $900 million more than me.”

She looked at me and said, “What do you mean, Donald? How could he possibly be worth $900 million more than you.

I said, “Let’s assume he’s worth nothing (only from the standpoihnt of dollars) – I’m worth minus $900 million.”

Today Trump is once again a billionaire.

So what separates you from the likes of Donald Trump and the millionaires mentioned above?

While there are personal qualities, such as passion… dedication… commitment… the ability to think outside the square, etc…

In my opinion, one of the biggest factors is knowledge. And the courage to act on that knowledge.

And that’s why – if they lost everything tomorrow, just like Donald Trump…

Most successful business owners could build it all up again… while the bum in the street will probably be worth nothing forever.

So where’s the real security?

Is it in money? Or is it inside you?

Your knowledge and your inner qualities.

Interesting question, isn’t it?

The next question is: where do I get the knowledge to give me the security I need?

The knowledge you need could vary and range from managing staff, time management, hiring and firing, etc.

If you need knowledge on how to write order-pulling ads, you might want to check this out.

Or if you’re focused online – here’s some underground secrets everyone with a web site must know.

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