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I just finished reading Steve Jobs biography – what an awesome read.

One of the rivalries between Apple and Microsoft was the difference between the open and closed systems.

Jobs argued that Microsoft created sub-standard products because they could never control the system – and when you have all sorts of people contributing to a system, it makes for a disjointed system that doesn’t really work very well.

Granted, Jobs was a “control freak” – but I think it served him well in the area of computing.

I also think it would serve you well in the world of advertising because as the saying goes:

A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

And if you’re not going to learn how to design a good advertisement and stick to your guns (like Steve Jobs did) you’re not going to create a killer ad that takes the world by storm like the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh computers did.

You’ll create humdrum ads that everyone puts their two cents worth into – but which DON’T WORK

Of course, you need to understand the fundamentals first.

That’s easy.

Just get your hands on this.

And then, once you grasp the essentials.

Don’t ask every Tom, Dick and Harry what they think of your ad. Protect it. Control it. And run it – then let the customer decide if it works.

After all, their opinion is the only one that matters.

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Yesterday morning, I purchased Steve Jobs audiobook to listen to on my iPhone – because I think the man is a genius.

Last night, I saw the news – and he had died.

That’s strange and sad timing.

So I feel compelled to take a moment to share what I’ve learnt on that program – from one of the most important lessons from this remarkable innovator who has given us all so much. Think about it…

The first PC
The iPod
The iPad
The iPhone
Pixar Animation (he founded the company)

Because Steve Jobs number one rule is to… follow your passion.

No matter what it is…

And that’s what I believe made him a genius.

For instance, Steve pulled out of school at an early age, despite the fact his parents were putting their life savings into it.

Why? Because…

He couldn’t see their point. And didn’t want them to waste their money.

He went on to do a calligraphy course.

Not for any particular reason other than the fact he LOVED it.

That’s right, he couldn’t see any practical purpose in doing so.

But years later, when he created the first PC he included all of these wonderful fonts into the PC. Microsoft copied… and now we have access to all of these wonderful fonts today.

Steve’s message is simple.

If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

And if you do love it – throw your heart and soul into it, no matter what it is.

Because it’s tough to build a business. And unless you have that passion, that love for what you do, you’ll never follow through.

You’ll never jump over those hurdles.

You’ll never become a genius.

You need to be on a mission – and have a fire burning within you.

You can’t do that without passion.

So make sure you’re following your passion in business just like Steve Jobs.

That’s one of the critical factors that made him succeed – what made him a genius.

Combine that with the understanding of these secrets and nothing can stop you.

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