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Master Chef may be popular, however it’s not really my choice of shows.

But my wife loves it – and she got inspired to bake some beautiful cookies yesterday, so who am I to argue?

Anyway, last night while I was soaking it in via osmosis I noticed something…

It was an episode where the contestants designed their own recipes.

And I realised something about making recipes…

They need to make them over and over and over again – as much as 10 or 12 times in order to perfect the recipes – so they can be easily emulated.

So you bake a cake…

And you’ve got to go back and check the cooking time… the amount of sugar in the icing… how thick you cut up the nuts… whether you should have 3 or 4 cups of flour…

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

And those who make recipes just accept it’s all a part of the process.

But marketing people who write ads don’t usually do this.

If their first “recipe” doesn’t come out right in the first instance…

They go stuff it – this tastes like crap.

Imagine if Jamie Oliver, Curtis Stone or Donna Hay did that.

We would have far less recipe books in our shops.

My advice – just like a recipe, your first ad should be your worst ad.

And you should then go on to test the offer… test the headline… test the opening copy… test where you are placing the ad, etc.

Over and over and over again…

The rewards for doing this with your advertising will be far greater than doing it with a simple recipe.

Do it right and you’ll end up with a turn key marketing system which generates clients for your week in and week out.

So what do you test and how do you test things to get results like these?

In this manual, you’ll get everything you need including headlines to test, advertising examples, how to craft an offer, how to make your business stand out over your competitors… and much, much more.

So get it – test your advertising and marketing recipes over and over again…

And create the best money-making recipe anyone in your industry has ever seen.

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