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Many of the gurus out there today are saying “outsource everything”

And in general, that’s wise advice.

Outsource everything you’re not good at – so you can do what you can do best.

There’s no sense being a great web designer, invoice sender, etc.

You may as well be…

Coming up with new ideas if you are a creative type personality – and getting your team to implement them.

Or doing deals if you are particularly good in sales and love talking to people.

That way you are in your flow – and that’s where you will get your best results.

Having said that, there are problems with outsourcing.

And when you implement a new marketing campaign… it is usually wise to do it yourself.

For instance…

Currently I am implementing the Live Person concept onto my blog so I can actually talk to people on my web site real time.

And many are surprised that I’m actually taking the calls myself.

After all, I am opposed to multitasking as I think it makes us all unproductive – even though I’m sometimes guilty of doing it.

Will I do it forever? No way…

But let me explain why I am doing it now…

Years ago, I put together a campaign for a client where his salespeople had to go out and promote a program to their clients.

His staff said it didn’t work. But truth is, he would never know if it worked or not, because nobody will do it the way you do.

It’s kind of like when you send out flyers. Use a company you don’t know or trust to distribute your “junk mail” and you have no idea of whether or not they were delivered – so you could end up throwing the campaign away and saying “it doesn’t work” when it would have worked had they been delivered the right way.

But do them themselves and you have a baseline – and you know for sure.

The cost of not doing it is this?

Let’s say you send out 5,000 flyers and you make $1,000.

If you sent out 100,000 flyers, you should in turn make $20,000.

But if you get someone else to deliver them for you – and they don’t deliver them, you won’t make anything – because you’ll think it didn’t work.

So implement yourself first – and find out if the strategy works.

It will help if you know what you are doing when it comes to writing ads – and this program will help with that.

The end message: outsource everything you’re not good at – yes. But create a baseline by doing it yourself first… otherwise you could run into
“outsourcing problems” that will hold you back.

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