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I was watching this show the other day where this entire family were living in a house that was making them sick.

And no matter what they did, they were still sick.

It wouldn’t have mattered how many vitamins they took, how healthy their diet was, etc…

Because their home was poisoning them.

Apparently this is becoming more and more common – and they actually had to move out of their home –
and fix it – to get better.

My thoughts on this as it applies to business.

Some people work super-hard.

They sweat. They struggle.

But they are working within a sick-house (their own head), so they’ll never succeed.

What do I mean by a sick head?

I mean their head is limited – has limiting beliefs, a negative self image, etc. They are always thinking negative thoughts.

And saying negative things.

So no matter how hard they work, they’ll never reach their potential.


Let go of your limiting beliefs.

Stop thinking negative thoughts.

Get out of the “sick house” that’s been holding you back…

And give yourself every chance of success.

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