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Years ago, I made a fatal mistake with my web site…

I added a new section. And I thought it was better, so I didn’t bother to test it.

After all, I’m the copywriting expert, right?


A month later I am like…

What happened to all the quotes coming in?

They had dropped like a rock.

Then I thought about that change.

And I changed it back.

The quotes jumped up again.

Yes, little hinges swing big doors…

In both directions…

An upward spiral…

And a downward spiral.

The message here is…


Web tests are incredibly powerful.

That’s why I am so fond of this program.

But making changes to your web site without running tests can be fatal.

I see it happen all the time, particularly with pretty web sites.

Someone loves the look of it – and makes the changes only to have it FALL FLAT ON IT’S FACE.

They didn’t “web test” it.

What’s worse, they don’t know what’s going on – and so are losing money without even realising it.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Web test every change you make.

Measure everything.

And if you want a helping hand on 33 proven ways you can split-test your web site and get this powerful force working for you in the right direction, then click here.

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