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Over the years, I’ve met literally thousands of business owners – and observed what they did and what results they got.

Some took specific actions and became rich. Others took different actions and continued to struggle.

So this morning, I’ve put together a little test for you.

If you’ve got the balls, then I dare you to take it.

Read the following winner / loser list, and honestly look at what your answers are (i.e. your current beliefs about advertising & marketing)

If you get a bundle of losers, don’t stress.

You don’t even have to share it with anyone.

Just change your evil ways by modelling what a winner would do, and start being a magnet (instead of a repellent) to money again.

Let’s dig in:

The loser says “I’ll think about it”
The winner says “Let’s do it”

The loser says “This advertising campaign might not work”
The winner says “If it doesn’t work, I’ll learn something. And the key to success is failing fast”

The loser says “I shouldn’t contact my list to often because I’ll annoy them”
The winner says “If I continue to send my list useful information they will buy more from me”

The loser says “I don’t want to get too many unsubscribes, and I want a high open rate”
The winner says “Stuff the unsubscribes, they’re not buyers. And sales mean more than open rates”

The loser says “My customers are cheapskates because they won’t buy”
The winner says “I’m either targeting the wrong customers or not meeting their needs. That’s why they won’t buy”

The loser says “Closing the sale is the most important”
The winner says “Attracting the right client and building a relationship is the most important point. Do that right and you won’t have to close the sale”

The loser says “This ad won’t work because my friends don’t like it”
The winner says “I’m going to test it. I’ll let the market decide what works and what doesn’t”

Ok, that’s enough.

Add up your scores.

How many times did you think like the loser?

Don’t cheat yourself – be honest.

And then make those psychological changes that’ll make you a winner.

One more thing…

Losers usually try to reverse engineer all the marketing campaigns…

And miss out on the critical little points that make all the difference.

The winner understands that paying for advice can save them years of heartache & wasted advertising dollars…

And finds out exactly how to do it, by getting everything explained step-by-step.


If you want to win the war on getting more customers, I urge you to hop along to today – and find out exactly how winners build big businesses starting with little budgets.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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