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If you’re not getting as much business as you’d like, I want
to ask you one simple question…

How many “check moves” did you make yesterday?

How about today?

Now to give credit where credit is due, the term check moves came
from a book I read in the early stages of my career called Newsell, by
Michael Hewitt Gleeson.

And what it means, basically, is that you’re actively doing something
to generate business.

So rather than focusing on how many sales you are making…

You realise that plants start as seedlings.

And if you don’t plant the seeds, you won’t get the fruit.

And you focus on making more “check moves” or planting more

So in my case, every day… I send out about 7,000 emails.

Let’s call that 7 check moves.

I make several phone calls, let’s say 5 on average…

Let’s call that 5 check moves.

So we’ve got 12 in total.
I might run a webinar and get 30 people to attend.

That’s 30 check moves.

I might get a telemarketer to follow up the attendees. That’s extra
check moves again.

The question is… how can you 10x the check moves you’re doing?

The answer, the real leverage, lies in getting a return on investment
from your advertising…

And having the ability to scale (so you can keep making those check

Because if you can make $1 or more back for every $1 you spend on
advertising… the amount of check moves you can make is unlimited.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Newspaper, TV…
direct mail. They’re all check moves…

And the secret to doing more of them is being able to get a quick
ROI by building a solid marketing funnel.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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