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Most people think the value lies in the thing…the new gadget the book the newsletter the course
That if they simply build a better mousetrap, they’ll find overnight wealth.
But it’s simply not true.

After all, if that was the case every inventor of  a brilliant new product would walk into overnight  riches.

So what is it that really has value?

It’s the marketing.

I’m talking about the advertisement you place.

The sales letter you write.

The structure of the seminar.

Your public relations pieces.

Your email sequence.

But here’s where the problem lies: Most people think it’s all about the product.
I know from experience it’s not. I’ve seen great productsand services flop and average products and services thrive  all because they either had good marketing or theydidn’t.

And while having a good, solid product is critical if that’s all you focus on you end up with hours of  time and energy invested into something which never sees the light of day.

Think about all of the winning infomercial products.

The ab busters… the cooking gadgets… etc.

Do you think anyone would buy them if they didn’t have an aweseme marketing program behind them?

Of course not. They would end up in a store where people would walk right past them.

Remember this: your ability to sell is the most valuable asset your business can have.
And I don’t care if you’re a mechanic… an internet marketer… a software developer or whatever.
Nor does it matter who you are selling to. Or whetheryou are offering a product or service.
The value of all other assets is only determined by your skill in selling them.

So focus on mastering the art of selling.

Focus on developing the systems which make your product walk off the page, so you can get results like these: proof

The good news is you can start mastering this important skill today by heading on over to cashflow

Remember, your wealth will be based more than anything on understanding how to sell whatever your ‘thing’ is, not  on how good your ‘thing is.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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