Posted by Scott Bywater in marketing Jan 6th, 2018

Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect?

It basically means the people who are the least competent are also the most certain of themselves, while those who have
genuine skills are often wracked with doubts about their abilities.

What’s the take-away here?

Let me share my story:

I thought I knew a lot when I first got into business, and I got hammered financially as a result in my first venture.

There was SO much I didn’t know about people, about marketing, about systems, about running a business, about finances and

Now I feel like I know nothing, and the more I know the less I think I know.

I look at all those books on Kindle and just get overwhelmed.

I take that as a sign I must at least know something 🙂

To avoid overconfidence, always ask yourself…

What are my blind spots?
What am I missing?
What would someone with more experience see?


Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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