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I’ve never had a natural ability to put together things.

Woodwork… metalwork and those sort of classes were not
things I thrived at during school.

So putting together my three year old’s new scooter was
not the most enjoyable task.

But I got it done.

Anyway, I was at my mother in laws place trying to do it
when I had to get some tools to undo one of my mistakes….
and was driving back home in a tizzy when I heard an interview
with Glenn McGrath.

Now for those of you who have never heard of Glenn McGrath,
just google him.

He’s recently retired but probably one of the best fast bowlers
the Australian cricket team ever had.

Anyway, there’s a few things I learnt from Glenn over those
few minutes that I listened to his interview about what
made him great.

1. He said he never regretted anything about a game other than
when he failed to back himself.

And we should be the same in business. If you get a hunch, follow

Back yourself.

Have the courage of your convictions and go for it.

2. He used to imagine the perfect game and would go back “ball
by ball” after a days play and look at what he could have

And we should be imagining the perfect day in business and then
going back after the day and look at what could have been improved…
enhanced… how we could have handled things differently.

Isn’t that a great way of staying focused on what you want and
also learning from your mistakes on a daily basis?

3. And most importantly, he was process oriented, not results

And he said that while the newspapers always focused on the results,
he just focused on the process.

And he knew that if he continued to bowl the right balls and take
the right steps he would get the desired results.

Makes sense, right?

So today… think about the things you can control.

And then focus on doing them.

You cannot control how many sales you generate this week.

You can control whether you…

Send the email
Make the phone call
Send out the letter
Run a new marketing campaign

etc. etc.

And you can make a commitment to control what marketing activities
you implement this year.

There’s well over a dozen all laid out for you step-by-step at

Remember, you can’t control the results. But you can control the

And the best way to control the process is via knowledge and action.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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