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I was reading this article last night by Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon) on my phone (Bywater, don’t you ever switch off ;-), where he was talking about “little bets” and how he was constantly prepared to take them – and by doing so this stopped him from having to take the big bets that put his business at risk.

And I’ve never heard it put better that that term: little bets.

I try and make as many little bets throughout the year as I can.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, and it’s just the same as Amazon.

Yesterday I tested a new campaign – sent out a couple of thousand faxes. It cost me $320. It looks like it didn’t work.

But I can afford the bet.

I also know the odds are on my side. And I’ll take another little bet shortly with a different approach. And sooner or later, I’ll find a breakthrough.

Little bets can be anything.

For instance, this year I launched my More Time at the Beach program. It’s going well.

That was a winning bet.

I’ve done split tests that have failed and split tests that have succeeded on my web site.

Winning and losing bets.

But by doing this I stay ahead of the game and avoid placing dependence on one client or one marketing medium (although I have been somewhat guilty of that, which I’ll talk about in an upcoming email).

So what’s the key to making these bets – and maximising your wins?

It’s education.

And that’s why I’d like to encourage you to take advantage of my special “end of financial year” offer which expires at midnight on 30th June.

Because if you do, I’ll send you Internet Marketing Secrets with James Schramko (sells for $47), Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (71 page PDF) and Total Adwords Domination with Mike Rhodes (sells for $47) when you put to the test for just $1.

So place your little $1 bet now, because this $1 bet will show you how to take the right bets going forward which will get your business ahead of the game – and stop you having to risk it all with one big bet at any stage in the future.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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  1. Niro Thambipillay on July 8, 2011 at 10:19 am:

    Mate, absolutely love this article. I reckon the main reason stop trying something new is because they are too scared of failing and losing it all… but if you continually place “little bets” and know the most you can lose, you are more likely to go for it. Well written Scott.

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