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On Saturday night, I watched the movie “Hangover” and it’s the best laugh I’ve had in a long time – what a brilliant movie.

Anyway, without giving too much away, at one point in the movie there was a Las Vegas wedding.

You know the ones… man and woman get drunk…man and woman decide it would be a good idea to get married… man and woman wake up the next morning asking WHAT THE…?

Anyway, in the real world it doesn’t really work like that.

For instance, when I first met my wife we had a very natural connection.

It happened at the Bridge Bar in Sydney one balmy Friday night in December when I looked across the room and saw this beautiful, blonde bombshell staring back at me.

We held eye contact for about 15 seconds and at that moment, obviously my life changed forever despite my bad dress sense and inability to make one decent dance move 😉

However it didn’t happen overnight.

I didn’t walk up to her and say “Marry Me?”

It took time. We dated. We moved in together. And then several years later I popped the question with a fair degree of certainty of what the answer would be.

And I am glad I did. My wife is a beautiful woman… generous… loving… heartful and wise and I am a lucky man to have her in my life.

So what’s my point?

My point is so many people in business pop the “marry me” question after an hour or two. And that’s why they get so many knock backs.

But if you take the time to wine and dine your clients… develop the relationship… and give more than you get… you significantly increase your odds of success.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you take a client out to a liquid dinner every night – I am talking metaphorically.

What I mean is…

Bring someone into your funnel by offering something to them (a report about something they are interested in, a complimentary coffee, whatever)

Once they are in your funnel, keep in touch with them with useful information which they’ll appreciate receiving.

This strengthens the relationship.

Every now and then, make the suggestion that perhaps we should take this a step further and cement some commitment.

Even if they say no, continue to persist, persist, persist until you win them over.

If you cannot win them over and it is costing you more time and energy than it’s worth, then let them go.

It’s very different to the approach I used when I started out in the world of cold call sales and cold call telemarketing.

That approach was like calling people up and saying “marry me” But when you understand the secrets in the first lesson of and know how to flag your potential prospects attention down and nurture the relationship…

Just like in the dating game, your odds inbusiness will be far, far higher if you take the time to nurture your

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Scott Bywater

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