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Market research can be a valuable tool.

But you shouldn’t rely on it too much.


Because responses to surveys and focus groups is only a guide on what people say they will do…

Not what they will actually do in reality.

It’s true.

Just because somebody says they’ll buy your new gizmo, it doesn’t mean they’ll pull the money out of their pocket when push comes to shove.

So how can you tell if a new product has legs?

It’s really quite simple.

Run an ad, put up a web site or send out a sales letter.

If people respond to that ad and actually purchase your product, it will tell you more than mountains of market research.


Because they’ve made a decision that directly affects their hip pocket.

Of course, it needs to be a good ad.

Otherwise it’ll just tell you that you ran a bad ad.

But how do you know if you’ve got a good ad?

It’s really quite simple…

You need to make sure it includes these 13 critical factors that I show you (with real examples) on page 31-44 of this program.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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