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One of the problems with some of the advertising books of old is they were written in a different time.

A time when consumers didn’t receive an avalanche of adverts like we do today.

A time when things were a lot less competitive.

A time when people were a lot less cynical.

And so they could get away with just having a big promise… painting a colourful picture and asking for the sale.

But today things are different.

We get hit by promotional material everywhere we go…

On buses… on TV… on the internet… on Facebook… in our email inboxes…

You name it and it’s probably there.

Imagine this…

You are walking down the road and somebody asks you for directions.

You are happy to give them directions. No problem.

But imagine you are walking down Sydney’s Pitt Street and every second person asks you for directions.

And then I am the 1500th person to ask you.

What would your response be to me?

Happy to give me directions?

I don’t think so.

The same thing has happened with advertising.

People are like… why should I take any notice of what you have to say? And why should I believe you?

That’s what they’re thinking. Heck, that’s what I am thinking. And that’s what you are thinking.

And that’s why you need to do two things whenever you communicate in print with your prospects:

1) Make your information valuable: provide information which is useful to your target market.

2) Back up every claim you make with proof.

For instance, don’t just say your tyres are twice as safe as other tyres – prove it.

Don’t just say your BBQ cleaning spray cleans better – prove it.

Don’t just say you are the best real estate agent in your area – prove it.

Don’t just say you sell the best vitamins – prove it.

It is no longer good enough to make an awesome promise and wait for everyone to flock through your doors.

Today you have to be smarter – because the prospects you are dealing with certainly are.

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Scott Bywater

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