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Want to know something about how Facebook started, and what gave them traction?

Well, early on their team worked out if a Facebook user generated 7 friends in 10 days,
they were far more likely to stick with the program.

As a result, they made this a core focus.

How about you? What’s yours?

If I look at mine, I quickly worked out early in the piece larger clients were more valuable
and I’d be crazy not to focus on them.

I also worked out, when I ran a subscription newsletter business, that if someone stayed
past 3 months, they were far more valuable.

How about you?

Maybe you run a painting business, and you’ve worked out clients in certain suburbs are
far more likely to spend twice as much – and you should advertise there.

Or perhaps you run an online education business and you’ve worked out if a student logs
in twice within the first week, they tend to stick around.

Whatever business you run, there’s an AHA moment in there somewhere.

Find out what it is, and like Facebook, leverage it.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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