Posted by Scott Bywater in marketing May 13th, 2017

There’s a lot of talk about inbound marketing (seo, social)
right now, but inbound is a tool – it’s not the only answer.

And if you’re in B2B and work out who your best client is…
inbound may not be the best place to focus at all.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you dive into your numbers, and work out your
80/20 clients are business owners who have a turnover of
$3 million+ with 20 or more staff.

What do you think the odds of getting those clients suddenly
stumbling onto your web site are?

Think about it: these sort of companies make up a mere
fraction of the total businesses out there.

So if you get 1000 people who do a search on a particular
topic, the odds of them being your perfect customer are
actually quite low.

That’s why companies like Salesforce used outbound marketing
methods to grow into the big hairy gorilla’s of the CRM world.

It’s also why you should consider outbound too.

Don’t get me wrong, outbound isn’t the only way either.

It’s a tool. You should use both. In fact, you should look at your
objectives first, and say:

What tools will help me best achieve your objectives.

The other day I needed to change a lightbulb in my house.

I didn’t need a hammer. I needed a ladder. That’s it.

The same goes with marketing, use the right tool for the right

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Scott Bywater

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