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Before I talk about the origin, let me show share a note I received from a financial planner yesterday (my response to follow)…

I am a financial planner – I meet a lot of people & the conversion rate is low – that is par for the course. But, I know there will be some that I miss out on due to lousy follow up etc… You nailed it – I do a great ad, the office is stunning, I do a great presentation and then I send them home with nothing. I used to think that my ‘song and dance routine’ should be enough but I think you are spot on Scott. Can we talk about the cost to get you to help me put together a document for prospective clients?

Believe me, I’ve heard many similar stories.

It’s kind of like being in the State of Origin, running all the way to the try line and then when it’s time to put the ball down and score your 4 points…

Looking around and asking for permission from the other team…

Before getting bundled over and having the ball knocked out of your hands.

And that is why I think Qld will win tonight.

They’ve got their backs against the wall. They’re tough. And they’re not going to go down 2-0 without a fight. In fact, if they get the slightest whiff of the try line, they’ll fight with all their effort to secure those points.

It takes a lot of work to get to that try line in business.

The ad takes work and money. The office is expensive to maintain. The presentation has been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked along the way…

But if you don’t put the ball down, if there’s the slightest doubt in the customers mind…

You lose the sale, which is often THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

I watched the Socceroos play Iraq the other night in soccer.

Although I was excited to see that we won and made it to the world cup, I didn’t think we played that great.

Both teams played well. They tussled. They had skill. They had trained hard.

But there was one difference between the two teams…

Australia put the ball between the two posts & into the net.

Without that, it would have been a stalemate.

At 1-0 we’re victorious. At 0-0, we’re depressed.

Same goes with the State of Origin…

It doesn’t matter how well each team plays, how much possession they have, etc… if they can’t put the ball behind the line, they’re a dead dog.

Of course, you’ve got to make that opportunity happen. You’ve got to give yourself scoring opportunities. You need the leads. You need the presentation. You need the ad.

But baby… you’ve got to make sure you put the icing on top or it’s all for nothing.

Do that, and you can increase your results by up to 500%.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m a hyped-up, crazy-copywriter?

Then check this out

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