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Ok, it’s time to answer the question David asked on March 21st

“Hi Scott, Can you tell us a bit more about what is actually included in the mentoring? What is actually included?”

Well, hold onto your hats and read this…

# 1. One-On-One Strategy Session

No two businesses are the same, which is why I feel strongly against those “one-size-fits-all” programs that take a cookie-cutter approach to building your business.

So within the initial weeks of joining our program, you’ll receive a phone call from my assistant who will book you into a personal one-on-one half-hour strategy session with me. During this session, we will examine your personal business situation and identify the “untapped” wealth opportunities hiding in your business.

I promise to pinpoint the top three areas you should focus on over the next 12 months to get the most out of your coaching and mastermind program. Trust me; this personalized approach will give bigger and faster results than you imagined possible. Value: $300.00

#2. Five Hours of Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

A year or two ago, I asked everyone on my email list what questions they would ask a world-class marketer if given the chance. Then I jumped on the phone with my comrade in arms, Alexi (another very savvy guy), and we answered those questions in detail.

Nothing was left out – we covered everything from how to sell at a higher price… how to build trust… how to get the “right” type of customers… getting referrals… attracting BIG WHALE clients… how to differentiate your business from the competition… and much, much more.

If you’ve got a pressing marketing question, you’ll probably find it on one of these CD’s you can throw into the CD player in your car and turn it into a University on Wheels. Value: $495.00

#3. Monthly Coaching Call-In Days

To improve your marketing strategies even further, you also have the opportunity to lock in a pre-determined time to go over your current marketing strategies twice a month.

That’s right. I will put aside time every month where you are welcome to lock in a time into my diary. Just email my assistant, Laura, in advance and call in at the agreed time and you’ll have my undivided attention.

Through these intensive one-on-one, 15 minute coaching sessions, I coach you through any roadblocks and reveal ingenious ways to optimize your marketing promotions even further. I will also hold you accountable against your goals and push you out of your comfort zone to make sure you reach them.

My consulting services are in such demand nowadays that I normally only provide such a service to my most valued clients. But I’m willing to make an exception in this case. At my normal consulting rates, I conservatively value each 15 minute session to be worth $150.00. (As a silver member, you’ll have the opportunity to get 2 coaching calls a month. As a gold member, you’ll receive one.)

#4. Fortnightly Marketing Strategy

Every fortnight going forward, you also receive a hard-hitting marketing strategy delivered to your fax machine or inbox. Each strategy is explained in plain English and broken down into easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. There are also powerful “swipe and deploy” samples for you to copy and implement in your business with minimal time and effort.

In fact, I promise to unveil a strategy in the first month of your program that will hopefully pay for the first 12 months of your investment. The testimonials and case studies on this page should prove this claim is not just sales-hype. This single strategy has the potential to revolutionize your bottom line profits. And I’ll send you various ideas and strategies just like this one, every fortnight throughout the program. Value: $79.00 / month.

#5. Monthly Mastermind Tele-Conference

Every month, our Mastermind group also gets together via teleconference to discuss the marketing strategies implemented by members during the previous month.

During these intensive sessions, I answer all of your burning questions, address any potential issues and go through the major successes and failures with the group.

Believe me: This mastermind forum could possibly be the most valuable learning experience you’ll ever have. It’s like learning on steroids because you learn far more from your group’s collective failures and successes that you could ever learn on your own.

The kicker is each call will be recorded and sent to you for review. You don’t have to worry about missing important pieces of information while you take notes. You will be able to play them over and over again to squeeze every ounce of marketing knowledge from each session. Value: $97.00 each month

#6. Monthly Audio Seminars

I personally invest in several audio seminars each and every month. They help me stay on top of new developments in the area of sales and marketing and keep me and my clients ahead of the competition.

That’s why I’ve decided to give you the same gift of knowledge by delivering a groundbreaking new audio seminar for you to listen to once a month. Each “mini-seminar” promises to be full of profitable advice and hidden marketing gems you can apply directly to your business.

Some months, I will be interviewing big players from the world of sales and marketing. Others might involve in-depth case studies of a successful business owner. Some may even involve a hard hitting audio from yours truly on any breaking developments. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you will be blown away with the latest advice and new ways to make money in your business. Value: $67.00 a month

#7. Cash Flow Advertising

There’s no more important skill you can have than understanding the art of writing copy. And that’s why – when you join my coaching program, you will get this 220 page manual which walks you through how to write an ad, sales letter, fax, landing page or anything else that sells.

If you’re smart, you’ll treat this 180+ page Step By Step Guide like GOLD. Don’t have someone else read it for you… don’t file it in a folder to read “one day” – suck the marrow out of it immediately and see your cash register ringing more frequently than you’ve ever imagined. Everything is covered from A-Z, so it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Value: $287

Whew, that’s quite a list of benefits, isn’t it? And that’s just for the silver membership.

If You join as a Gold Member, You’ll Also Receive…

#8. Bi-Annual Answering Call Assessments

(Gold Members Only)

You may have heard of mystery shoppers; that is, market researchers posing as customers to gather information about your business by purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way. They have proven to be one of the most effective tools to measure the customer service and sales performance of a business.

Well twice a year, my office also calls your staff and pose as a mystery shopper. We will then report our findings to you and give you actionable advice on boosting their performance.

This important service is worth its weight in gold. Just think, if it improves your sales conversions by just 10%, it will immediately result in a 10% increase in sales revenue without any effort on your part. And 10% is a conservative figure. Increases of 20%, 30%, even 50% are common when you begin implementing some little known sales strategies in your telephone answering and quoting systems. Value: $600.00

#9. 2 Live In Person 1 Day Seminars (Gold Members Only)

Throughout our initial 12 months together, you also get the opportunity to spend 2 separate days together as a mastermind group in a breath-taking location (to be advised closer to our meeting dates). You get to network with like-minded business owners and share each other’s lessons and experiences face-to-face.

I will personally facilitate each meeting and like our mastermind calls, I promise you will be blown away with the intense learning experiences you get from each session. We’ll also record each meeting and send you the MP3 recordings to listen to again and again.

This service alone is worth the entire cost the program. Speak to you accountant, your travel and accommodation could also be tax-deductable. It could be a wonderful opportunity to build your business and treat your family to a long deserved holiday at the same time. Value: $5000.00

#10. Lead Generation Advertisement

(up to ½ A4 page, 3 proofs – Gold Members Only)

You would normally pay $2000+ for this, but with my coaching program, you’ll receive ONE complete ad overseen by me and created by my team of copywriters. The good news is, if you’re selling high ticket items a couple of clients will usually pay for the ad, and then some. These techniques are very powerful and the approach can transform the way you do business forever – it’s not unusual to boost your responses by up to 500%. Value: $2000

#11. Web Site Critique

(Gold Members Only)

Most people are after more traffic for their web site. But the key to making your web site successful is increasing your conversion. Why? Because there are plenty of ways to get traffic (from seo, google adwords, banner ads, etc).

But they all cost either time or money. The key to being able to afford the traffic and grow your business exponentially is knowing how to convert sceptical prospects into warm prospects and eventually into buyers.

This consultation will help you plug the leaks in your web site and stop you missing out on the opportunities to capture the prospects which visit it every day. Value: $500.00

#12. Special Delivery of Books Necessary

for Maximizing Your Profit Potential

(Gold Members Only)

On average, I read 3 to 4 books every month. Reading is the best way to stay on top of your game and gives you those great ideas which give you an edge over your competition. Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had, I’ve grabbed out of books and implemented them into my business. Anyway, if you’re in my gold program, ever month, you’ll receive my book-of-the-month. Guaranteed business and personal improvement boosting without having to read the other 3 I do in order to find the one good idea. Value: $49.95 / Month

#13. Live Advertising Copywriting Critique

(Gold Members Only)

This is priceless. It allows you to run your ad or sales letter past me to make sure it is ready to SELL.

There  is NO WAY to put a price tag on the value of having a world-class copywriter look through your copy before you send it out. I will give you the best and most brutally honest critique of your copy available anywhere.

Simply send us a copy of your sales letter, brochure or ad, and I will viciously critique it for you over the phone. No mistakes will be  overlooked, and we won’t make out you’ve written a winner just to protect your feelings.

In fact, you’ll be treated in the same manner as I treat myself when I write killer copy that brings home the bacon: with the straight down the line honesty of a Judge Judy (on a good day, I promise!) I will simply NOT allow you to go into battle with a bad message. Value: $500

Ok, let me sum up what you get with both the Gold and Silver Membership of the More Time at the Beach Coaching and Mastermind Program…

One-on-One Strategy Session$300$300$300
Your Questions Answered – 5 hours of audio$495$495$495
Bi-Monthly Coaching Call-In Days$150 (24 opportunities for Gold, 12 opp for
$3600 (twice a month)$1800 (once a month)
Fortnightly Marketing Fax / Email$79.00 / month$948$948
Monthly Mastermind Teleconference$97.00 / month$1,164$1,164
Monthly Audio Seminars$67.00 / month$804$804
Cash-Flow Advertising$287$287$287
Bi-Annual Answering Call Assessments$300.00 x 2$600
Live In-Person Seminars (2 x 1 day seminars)$2500.00 x 2$5,000
Lead Generation Advertisement(after 6 months on the program, or if paid in full)$2,000$2,000
Web Site Critique (after 3 months on the program, or if paid in full)$500$500
Book of the Month$49.00 x 12$588
Copywriting Critique$500$500

3 Months Free Access: One Gold Membership & Two Silver Memberships Will be Given Away Before the Program Opens

Simply take a moment to leave your submission in the comments below. And share (in as much detail as you like) why you want to get access to my “More Time at the Beach” Coaching & Mastermind Program. I’ll be selecting 3 lucky winners, based on your responses, before we launch next week.

I’m also working on finalising the prices. As you can see, there is some incredible value here, however I am going to make this program as affordable as possible to almost all business owners. So stay tuned 😉

Note: To get advance notice on my new coaching program, get on the Early Bird list by entering your email address into the field below:

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Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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Scott Bywater

Latest posts by Scott Bywater (see all)

  1. Shona Chisholm on March 24, 2011 at 12:06 pm:

    I work for a company that’s grown over the years from a technical knowledge base, but doesn’t really have the business knowledge required to compete against larger companies. Your email advice is helpful and motivating, so I’d like to read/learn more. Thanks!

  2. irene on March 24, 2011 at 12:16 pm:

    I have been reading your emails for a few months,and am building my on line website and health practice.I need expertise and coaching to expand my business locally and on line and get financial freedom.I need to market my knowledge and help more patients.

  3. Amy Hardick on March 24, 2011 at 12:17 pm:

    I’m in my first year of setting up a coaching and professional speaking business whilst working full time in a 9-5 job. I’ve got passion exploding out of me! However I find myself getting stuck on the ‘how’ and ‘what’s important to focus on first’ as there are so many different angles you can take and so many different tasks that are required. I’ve got many ideas in my head and a desire to make this work and touch the lives of woman throughout Austrlia. 3 months free access to you would be a true gift that would help propel me to the next level by getting clear on the ‘how’ and what priorities really are priorities when setting up a business. I would take this opportunity and put 100% of myself into it to learn as much as I can. Thanks 🙂

  4. Daniel Strumpel on March 24, 2011 at 12:18 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    Im a a recent start up business and have a gapping whole in marketing and advertising strategy.

    While myself and my team are regularly busy within the business, the brochures I have printed, and any marketing strategies are simply not being looked at or followed through.

    I am either looking at outsourcing this requirement or putting someone on part time to at least raise awareness of our new business venture.

    I desperately need advice as I know my long term business security is dependent on it- but I just cant get my head out of my work right now to dwell on something I lack knowledge and experience in.

    To strategize with a business mentor would discipline me to dedicate the necessary time to properly market and publicize my business to new customers.
    Start ups are hard enough without guidance and I would love the chance to work with someone who clearly knows what they are doing in this area.

    Kind Regards


  5. Scott Bywater on March 24, 2011 at 12:30 pm:

    Hi Shona, Irene, Amy & Daniel…

    Thanks for your responses. Love the passion & enthusiasm which shines through in your comments.

    This is what the coaching program is about – helping you overcome the specific challenges your business is facing.

    Good luck in the competition. Winners will be announced next week, so keep an eye on your email.

    Scott Bywater

  6. Julie-Ann on March 24, 2011 at 1:09 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    I started up a niche online business about 2 years ago and we are growing steadily and about to launch a new e-commerce website which we are really excited about and cannot wait to have it finished next week!!

    We launched the new website to give our clients 24/7 ease of access to booking and buying online and would love to win the 1,2 or 3 month coaching program to learn how to further grow our client base and really make the most of the money we have spent on the new website aswell as learning new skills to make things easier for our great customers. We are a real specialist niche market and want to be able to reach as many clients as we can through all advertising mediums online including social media and understand this is a very popular and growing area that we would like to learn more about and help the business in the long term.



  7. Troy Pankhurst on March 24, 2011 at 1:15 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    I am taking over a family business that has traditionaly not needed extensive advertising to obtain customers.

    Due to the current economic climate in our region, I would like to be able to make all advertising/marketing that we now have to do really count and get bang for buck.

    I truly believe that being new to managing a business gives me a good opportunity to look at our operation with fresh eyes and make changes without being bound by the way things have always been done in the past.

    Guidance and advice from someone that knows would go a long way to turn a good opportunity into a great opportunity.

    Kind Regards,


  8. Craig on March 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm:


    I’ve just about reached the limit of my capabilities in the marketing arena and am looking at getting to the next level through education and mentoring. I want to learn more about my chosen field and put in into practice in the business.


  9. Jason Murray on March 24, 2011 at 1:41 pm:

    Hi Scott,
    My printing business is about to turn 20 years old. Over the last 5 years I have noticed that the business has plateaued and I really need a kick in the b*m to get the wheels turning again.
    Cheers, Jason.

  10. Scott Bywater on March 24, 2011 at 1:43 pm:

    Hi Jason,

    Nothing gives you a kick in the b*m like a mastermind group, powerful marketing information force-fed to you and someone to hold you accountahble. Good luck 😉

  11. Alexander on March 24, 2011 at 2:40 pm:

    Hi Scott,
    I have allready put into practice some of the strategies mentioned in your newsletter and seen how putting this knowledge to work has literally transformed my arts enterprise. Your approach is very inspiring. I know that my business will greatly benefit from the opportunity to receive in-depth coaching from you.

  12. Simon on March 24, 2011 at 3:41 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    Let me say what a fantastic opportunity.

    I’m confident being coached by you I will learn the skills required to have a positive mind set so that I can accomplish my personal and business goals.

    I’m excited to know the Marketing Strategy that will be required to grow my business and take it to the next level.

    To have the financial freedom to spend more time at the beach with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters and watch them grow up would be priceless.


  13. Scott Bywater on March 24, 2011 at 4:04 pm:

    Hi Alexandar, would love to hear more about your success.

    Simon, what an inspiring goal. Nothing like spending more time with our children 😉

    Craig, my experience is that there’s only ever two things which hold us back…

    1. Knowledge
    2. Action
    3. Mindset

    I can help you with the first one if you can provide the other two 😉

  14. Sandra Dignam on March 24, 2011 at 4:34 pm:

    I have made such an effort for 15 years to get over negative thinking or self sabotage and I’m still having little success. I wonder if you have the key.
    Sandra Dignam

  15. Greg Herbert on March 24, 2011 at 4:37 pm:

    Hi Scott,
    Been reading your emails since 2007, bought morecustomersmadeeasy in 2009, bought cashflowadvertising this year, we still need some serious guidance.

    Greg and Sonya

  16. Scott Bywater on March 24, 2011 at 4:38 pm:

    Hi Greg & Sonya, that’s why I have created the coaching program. Knowledge is great – but sometimes it is not enough. I look forward to having you on board.

  17. Scott Bywater on March 24, 2011 at 4:39 pm:

    Hi Sandra, I don’t hold the key – you do. But I may be able to show you how to use it to unlock the door, if you are willing.

  18. Dave on March 24, 2011 at 5:21 pm:

    I purchased a licence to materials similar to what you are recommending from a gentleman whom I am sure you will know. So I know quite a bit about them and am enthusiastic about them.

    I tried marketing them but I had no credibility – plenty of enthusism but people didnt buy from me.

    I am now working for an importing firm doing accounting work which I enjoy. (I am a CA) The business is going through some challenges and I am quite enjoying being involved.

    The general manager just asked me to prepare a marketing plan for one division of the business. I said sure – but I am still a bit nervous. I have no experience with this sort of thing working even though I can see logically why it should and I have every confidence that it will. I guess I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me I am doing the right thing or not.

    My credibility is obviously at stake here.



  19. Kevin on March 24, 2011 at 5:44 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    I hope you are well.

    I must say I love your work. You always tell a great story (like all good marketers). You are logical and most importantly you “get to the point.”

    Your copywriting skills are second to none and often inspire me at times for “ideas.”

    OK enough of the praise now but first some “small world” stuff…

    I was born in Sydney but I also grew up in Coffs Harbour. Great place to grow up and yes…much of it misspent like yourself of course 😉

    My background is banking and finance and many years of it. However, I made the wrong career decision and realised this after losing my job in London during the recession.

    Ever since this time I have become obsessed with internet marketing and having my online business.

    My current business?
    Within network marketing (been doing for about 6 months)

    So have I made it?
    Quite obviously no(why I need your help.

    Do I have talent?
    Yes (a lot)

    Then why haven’t I made it?
    Too much of it has been “paralysis analysis” and not enough action.

    Do I quit easily?
    No (I just need some guidance).

    Why should you choose me Scott?
    I could say all sorts of things. Like I don’t quit. I’ve failed miserably over and over in different venutures The list would go on…

    At the end of the day I’ve got the ability and I just need some guidance to unlocking my ability.

    And if you don’t choose me Scott?
    I’ll cry like a little boy

    Why is that bad?
    No one likes to see a “grown man” cry 😉

    Please please choose me!

  20. Sally on March 25, 2011 at 1:24 am:

    Hi Scott
    I think your e-mails are great – I’ve forwarded them to clients on several occasions as they get right to the point and have great content.
    I work as a Business Coach with small business owners. I’m a franchisee of a leading company, and we get some great tools. However, detailed help on copy-writing isn’t one of them!
    My clients are always looking for help in this area, and I’m finding myself coming up short. So I’d love this opportunity to improve my own skills and then to help my clients too. The cool thing is that I can also introduce your coaching to my clients so that they can take their own skills to the next level!
    Best wishes

  21. Natasha Lukin on March 25, 2011 at 6:16 am:

    Would not mind to win it!

  22. Phillip Miller on March 25, 2011 at 7:46 am:

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for this opportunity. I am a small business owner in my first year, so I’m still at grass-roots level with advertising and have a very limited budget right now. I would love to expand my window tinting business and promote my product as a energy saving “green” product, but unfortunately have neither the resources or expertise to compete with larger established businesses. Can you help?
    Small fish swimming upstream.

    thanks again!

  23. Scott Bywater on March 25, 2011 at 7:55 am:

    Hi Phillip, congratulations for taking the first step in your business. The size of your budget doesn’t matter so much as I believe all advertising should be self-fulfilling (pay for itself so you can re-invest) and you should always test small. Resources should not be an issue. Expertise you can gain if you are committed. It’s time to stop seeing yourself as a small fish swimming upstream and rather a large fish swimming downhill – remember the words we use and the way we see ourself determines our success to a large degree. Good luck with the competition.

  24. Fiona Shannon on March 25, 2011 at 8:39 am:

    Hi Scott,
    I’m really impressed with your communication skills & thinking ‘outside the square”. These are strengths I feel I can also capitalise on and would love the opportunity to purseue in greater depth. It’s important to keep pushing ourselves to the next level. I have a new business idea every minute, and would like to find the way to sift out the gold from the dirt.
    This could be the oopportunity to focus my energy and resources on the right path.
    What a great journey!

  25. Scott Bywater on March 25, 2011 at 8:42 am:

    Hi Fiona, in my experience having a coach is great for clarifying strategy and helping you hone in your energy and resources. I have two coaches who help me do this (one of them is my wife) and there’s nothing like someone to bounce ideas off to help clarify where the best investment of your time and energy is. Best of luck with the competition.

  26. Michael Romm on March 25, 2011 at 10:23 am:

    Scott, I have been a pharmaceutical marketer for 15 years. I launched my own product and am now moving into online and learning lots about copywriting and direct selling. Your emails have been great in that regard. I found you through your BodyTrim work. I got my website up last month and now need some of your expert advice polishing my rough diamond (it’s at if anyone is interested in looking.) If you want to work with another marketing genius and have some fun, then now is your chance.

  27. Ali on March 25, 2011 at 1:58 pm:

    Hi Scott,

    Reading your emails now for approx 15 months and finally biting the bullet and making contact with you a month ago has made me realise that after being in business for 20 years and currently running 3 very different businesses, I have always struggled to take these businesses to the next level! I have great ideas that never get executed! I need you… Scott.

    I would love to have you coach me for 3 months to get a taste of what its all about. At the ripe old age of 40, i still have plenty to learn & acheive.

    Best regards, Ali

  28. Rex on March 25, 2011 at 4:12 pm:

    Hi Scott,
    I’m giving you the chance to help me turn my life around! I am a 48 year old coal miner. I am sick of missing see my children grow up. My dream is to leave the filthy, stinking coal mine & work from home. I have started a business part time, & am working it hard, but I know very little about marketing. I am investing every cent I can in to generating customers. Scott, think how much satisfaction you’ll have in helping a young family see their father more, & knowing that you played a key role in saving a man from a “life of quiet desperation”.
    I have learned so much from you already, a bit of your personalised guidance & I’d be FREE!!!! Thanks for all your help, Rex.

  29. Janice Whitehead on March 25, 2011 at 6:15 pm:

    Hi Scott,
    I have been receiving and enjoying your emails for years, often feel that you are talking to ME, and pass them on regularly.
    I downloaded your 7-pager and it has kickstarted me in a big way.
    I market the Zerho waterless toilet and Small Biodiesel units. These products are totally different, but kind-of aimed at the same target market.
    I have obviously separated them and started writing the Step 1 and 2 according to your flow chart (I have some Copywriting training and experience).
    I am buzzing with excitement and anticipation, and want to do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME !
    Being part of your programme will certainly contribute to the success of the projects.

    You have noticibly upped your game, and we’re obviously enjoying it !
    Thank you for your dedication!


  30. Earl on March 25, 2011 at 10:38 pm:

    Your emails have a lot of that uncommon trait .common sense. This we look forward to reading and implementing, in part, as in our seventh decade we are once more stepping into the breach, with more savvy behind us and the help of your savvy beside us.
    This is an invitation to a supper celebration , the date to be confirmed within eight months or $200k, whichever comes first from this $0 restart.

    Yours in Health


  31. Danielle on March 28, 2011 at 10:24 am:

    Hi Scott – wow, what a great response you’ve gotten from this generous offer. I do hope it creates even more business for you! I have been running a small business for the last 2 years – I also work full time (probably a no-no?) The business is growing, and I’m at the point now where I’m knocking back work because of my full time job, however, because at certain times of the years business is quiet, I can cut back just yet. I need some help and guidance to take the business to the next level. I DO want this business to BE my full time job, and it WILL be – it’s just a mater of when. I’d like it to be sooner rather than later.
    I love your emails and keep them all in a folder in my inbox – to look back on. The information I’ve gained from you so far has been fabulous – so thank you.
    All the best,
    Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

  32. John on March 29, 2011 at 9:56 am:

    Hi Scott,

    Quite simply because I want:

    * to be the best I can be,
    * for my business to the best it can be, and
    * for me to have enough time with my family to be with them as they grow.

    Simple really…


  33. Carol Brett on March 30, 2011 at 7:43 am:

    Hi Scott,
    In the past two years I’ve had all kinds of business coaches offer to help take my business to the next level – but I haven’t trusted any of them because I can’t get a sense of how successful they’ve been in the real world. However, I’ve followed you for the past two years, bought some of your offers and listened to all your expert interviews and I can tell that you are the real deal Scott. Even though we’ve never actually met, I know, like and trust you and that makes the world of difference to me. I am so thrilled that you’ve taken this step of coaching and I would love to be part of the program.
    Best regards,

  34. Viv Prior on March 30, 2011 at 11:38 am:

    Hi Scott,

    Losing Focus Will Destroy Any Business

    Reclaim Your Focus & Get Back on Track

    Reclaim and maintain your focus through all types of distractions by: 1 – Try Meditating – Do it for 10 minutes every morning.Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
    2- Get away from your computer. Grab a pen and a pad and jot things down that come to mind. It works !
    3- Work with a timer- Set the timer on 30 minutes to start with and then having a goal,a set amount of time on which to work on will help you keep your focus.

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