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Yes Scott! Please send me the "Youtube Domination" mp3 audio interview with Darren Blair. I want to learn how to get more business via the second biggest search engine in the world (which some days gets as many searches as Google) which is far easier to attract traffic to. I understand i will learn the secret to creating great videos... how long my videos should be... how many videos I should create... what i should include in my videos to attract leads... how one business generated 10 new clients in just a few months via videos... and much, much more. I understand my investment is just $47 and I am covered by your 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. no questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no problems at all.

On that basis, here is my order. Thanks.

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(Optional) Enjoy a FREE 30-day trial to Scott Bywater's More Time at the Beach Newsletter, and get these 7 additional bonuses for FREE…

Free Gift #1:
How to Attract More Clients With Low Cost Ads
In this groundbreaking audio presentation, you'll discover the same breakthrough information I've used to help companies like Bodytrim, Knowledge Source and Jims Mowing generate hundreds of thousands in sales and dominate their markets. Plus: why you should never trust your graphic artist with advertising... the 3 most important elements of any ad… how to attract more higher paying customers into your business while eliminating the time wasters & tyre kickers…how to convert more leads into paying customers… why you must systemize your marketing for long-term success… why you should follow up with your leads using multiple mediums… and the real secrets of making money with a customer list. Valued at $47.00 – YOURS FREE

Free Gift #2:
How to Save up to 50% on Your Media Advertising
Imagine having a letter you could send out to newspapers and magazines across the country that would save you 50% (even up to 65%) on your media advertising. Inside I reveal exactly how to do it & give you that extremely valuable and tested letter. Valued at $57– YOURS FREE

Free Gift #3:
Fax Marketing Tricks
You can send them in an instant and for as little as 10c a pop. Almost without fail, whenever I send a stream of faxes I will receive my first response within a few hours. In fact, even in the internet age I know of people making 6 figures incomes using fax broadcast pieces - the same types of pieces I reveal in this report. Valued at $49 – YOURS FREE

Free Gift #4:
How to Generate Thousands in New Sales With Low-Cost Classified Ads
Years ago when I first started my copywriting business, I launched it with a $20 classified ad that generated my $3,600 in sales. In this special report titled "Classified Advertising Tricks", I reveal the two most profitable types of classified ads you can run. Plus: a simple 3-step method for writing your ads… how to structure your ads for maximum response.... a simple way to measure your response... 5 powerful ads to swipe for your business... and 4 mistakes to avoid - that could lose you money. Valued at $47 – YOURS FREE

Free Gift #5:
How to Get Your Web Site To The Top Of Google - in 3 Simple Steps
In this special audio presentation, you'll discover a simple step-by-step guide most business owners can use to get their websites to the top of Google… some of the most common SEO mistakes business owners make (including those which can get your site banned from Google)  and how to claim your Google local listing and shoot to the top of the search results pages for business searches conducted in your area. 
Valued at $27 – YOURS FREE

Free Gift #6:
How to Write Web Copy Which Makes Your Cash Register Ring
Get ready to significantly boost the conversions from your current web site. In this audio, you'll discover the most important elements of your web site, including my most potent headline formulas, the real purpose of your opening, some of my most powerful closing strategies in print and the secrets to writing sales inducing guarantees.
Valued at $57 – YOURS FREE

Free Gift #7:
The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Nicholas
In this revealing audio presentation, Ted Nicholas (the man believed to have used more space advertising than anyone else on the planet) reveals how he has made more money during recessions than at any other period in the economic clock. He also shares his time-tested techniques for space advertising, including the most profitable places to run your ads, how to design your ads for maximum response… and much, much more. Valued at $87 – YOURS FREE

*I understand I will be billed $67 in 30 days for my second month's subscription to the More Time at the Beach Newsletter (which will be delivered to my mailbox each month) and every 30 days after that unless I decide to cancel. I can cancel at any time and all the bonuses are mine to keep even if I decide to cancel before my 30 day trial is complete. I am happy to know I can easily call to cancel my membership and stop my payments by simply calling 1300 88 21 91 (Australia) or + 61 2 4285 8840 (international), or by sending an email to
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